Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
 Avanti, proud to be British, we joined with our rented slice of their Hubs in the Cyta Sky Park on Cyprus, was the first of the next generation Ka Band satellite services. Avanti has its own dynamic product options, and will particularly appeal to those wanting pay-as-you-go or Volume Based Billing, where you never risk being throttled.

Coverage is more extensive than SES Broadband and there are many countries where Avanti has the only pay-as-you-go option, and you’re guaranteed an  IP address. You can also opt for a fixed, public IP address on all options, although there is a cost involved.


  • Avanti lacks the high 20 Mb top speed of Tooway and SES Broadband, topping out at just 10 Mb ( 15 Mb in future ?) although this is adequate for many users
  • The hardware is good quality, but needs to be set up by a professional engineer and so can’t be self-installed.
  • There’s no rental or lease packages on the hardware, so outright purchase is the only option.
  • Avanti coverage currently includes all Iraq, Italy, Cyprus, Sytia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, but not France