SES Broadband’s satellite offering is excellent with a range of flexible and innovative products including pay-as-you-go as well as clever and easily resettable monthly data allowances. Cheap hardware and a good value lease purchase scheme mean it’s a very complete offering.

It also now comes with a fixed, UK, public IP address, the only UK satellite broadband service to do so. This makes it easy to access UK content like BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 OD, and also connect business related applications. SES Broadband is now our network of choice for connections in the UK or Replublic of Ireland. Regrettably it is NOT available in Hungary, Cyprus or Kurdistan.

SES Broadband does have an UNLIMITED data tariff, its listed under the Commercial Options.


  • Due to satellite coverage, it’s only currently available in England, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland
  • The Ka-band footprint for satellite broadband provides full service coverage across western Europe from the UK and France in the west to Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia and Boznia Herzegovina in the east. Hungary is poorely covered.
  • Other countries are coming on-line in Q3 2013 including the rest of UK, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina.