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Internet FAMILY Package


€ 65,95 per month:  Download 22 Mbps, Upload: 6 Mbps, 25 GB Treshold /M.

alt UNLIMITED DATA-USE between 00:00 and 6:00 Local Time, so data-traffic is not taken to account for your monthly Data-treshold.

This is an allround package for all internetactivities in a Family: E-mail, internet, web-banking,
FREE VoIP telephony etc. is possible; so all you need to do for your pleasure and business on the Net; this package is the right subscription for the whole family or a small business.

alt note: sharing amongst 3-4 houses or more in 2-3 blocks (community use) possible.
Incl. your own VoIP

alt Complete hardware set € 130
(24 m. subscription)
alt LEASE OR RENT Available. € 12,- / M.
alt Shipping to Cyprus, and Serbia. € 35

alt Activationcosts:
alt Installation: ASK us
special-offer Order NOW and receive:

alt Cisco-Linksys Linux Router FREE (for VoIP telephony in- outside your house)

  • Free extended 5 year hardware warranty
  • 5% discount on 12 month prepayments of service
  • 12 month contracts available upon request.


alt All prices are ex 27% ÁFA (VAT) in Hungary for Hungarian and EU residents. 
alt A contribution towards the costs of Banking, administration and our 24 hour LIVE multilangual support line,
a monthly fee of € 2.50 will be charged.
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