Don’t think satellite based broadband is fast enough for you? Think again!

Recent advances in technology mean the latest generation services are blisteringly quick. If they weren’t up to the job then they wouldn’t be used by broadcasting customers like the BBC, CNN and our client Fox News in Serbia. If they weren’t also very reliable and robust, they wouldn’t be used by the Government and the MoD in hostile environments like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

The introduction of Ka Band satellite broadband ( LINK: Click to read ) means that as a satellite ISP, we can transit around 10 times as much data across our satellites as we did 5 years ago, for a quarter of the cost. This enables us to bring you a truly fast broadband service wherever you live, for the same price as many terrestrial services.

Following the EU Regulations and Taxation Regulations: All prices mentioned on this website do not include VAT / mWSt. / BTW / ÁFA / MOMS, differing per COUNTRY !

Jan. 1, 2015